Vitrin Showcase glazing system

Showcase System

Top Hanging Showcase System is especially designed for interiors and store entrances. It gives an aesthetic visuality to your interiors and store entrances. Glass partitions can be collected on one side, this providing you with a space advantage in your areas. In this System, the wings do not have any contact with the floor. A lower rail assembly is required. Since it is independent of the floor, you can divide your interior spaces and use them as separate rooms.

The system is designed as completely frameless. You can slide it to the two sides and fold it to the inside. You can adjust the height according to your preference. With the internal and external locking system, you can secure your existing areas.

New generation showcase system

The wings have the ability to move from above. Each wing has 1 (double bearing) horizontally moving wheel. Stainless steel components are used in the wheel bearings. In this design, 10 mm tempered glasses are used. Glass partitions are safely fixed to Aluminum Profiles with hidden pins and special adhesives.

It is a very useful, durable and high quality product that you can use both to divide your interior spaces aesthetically and to use in your business.


Applicable Venues

Hotel, Cafe, Restaurant, Bar, Swimming Pool, Terrace, Tea Garden, Winter Garden, Wedding Hall, Office Partitions and Private Businesses