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Our company, which started its activities in the aluminum and glass balcony sector in 2005, produces solutions that make life easier and create safe new living spaces with the excitement and determination of the first day. Our strong R&D team works to produce the right products by analyzing the needs of our customers and not to compromise on quality, thanks to our structure that renews and develops itself day by day.

Alyum is growing by using the strong infrastructure it has reached thanks to its ethical rules and values to become a brand in Turkey and in the world. Althoug Alyum always has full confidence in its brand and products, it attaches importance to customer feedback by constantly empathizing as per the company policy. In this way, Alyum sees what it does well and how it can do better.



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ALMOND Double Glazing ROOM

ALMOND Double Glazing ROOM

We Remove The Walls Between The Room And The Balcony

10 Reasons to Prefer Alyum Products

10 Reasons to Prefer Alyum Products

Alyum Aluminum and glazing balcony products create safe and peaceful living spaces that you can use for many years.

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Regional Dealers

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